The price of weed in Colorado

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Sour Diesel

Some interesting developments have caused unexpected drops in the price of marijuana in Colorado, at least on a wholesale level.  This is counter intuitive considering the state’s current marijuana policy, that limits the number of producers of marijuana to a very small handful of highly capitalized MMC’s. Why then is the price going down, if the supply is relatively constant with in state production (a just heard a very loud cough), and demand should be increasing as the medical marijuana days of old phase into the new “post Amendment 64 Era”. Obviously, in state production is not the only marijuana in Colorado, but this time of the year is hardly when California outdoor ganja floods the market.

Several conversations with dispensary owners in Colorado have shed some light on the counter intuitive price drop.  They speculate that with the state’s new policies, exporting high grade cannabis is becoming more challenging, keeping more of the in house production in-state and thus lowering prices.  Time will tell if this is true, since this narrative would suggest that prices will remain at the current market rate unless something changes in the law/export market.


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Posted On December 20, 2012