Five Snoop Dogg Videos For Stoners

By Sparky Grizzwax


Snoop Dogg recently changed his name to Snoop Lion while recording his first reggae album, but he’s been smoking marijuana well before the switch. In fact, Snoop is arguably the most famous stoner rapper of all-time. And over the years, he’s referenced his smoking habits and practices in his lyrics more than frequently, and even made a few songs and videos specifically about weed. So in celebration of his reggae album Reincarnated, which hits stores next Tuesday April 2nd, we compiled our five favorite Snoop Dogg videos for stoners. Blaze them below.

1. Snoop Dogg “Stoners Anthem”

This one seems appropriate to set it off with, being that it’s a solo Snoop joint, and also an “anthem.” Snoop rolls up and burns heavily, making quite a fashion statement by rocking a clear shower cap and glasses. “Meditate and let it ride.” Oh yeah.

2. Snoop Dogg f/ Wiz Khalifa “That Good”

This is our first of two collabo videos with Snoop and his young homie Wiz Khalifa. “That Good,” the lead release off the soundtrack to their movie Mac And Devin Go To High School, is dedicated to that real potent marijuana with no sticks or seeds. Yup, these two keep one rolled, filled with purp, bomb, or kush.

3. Snoop Dogg f/ Kid Cudi “That Tree”

Snoop recruited “the lonely stoner” Kid Cudi to burn it down with him on the Diplo-produced “That Tree,” a cut off his More Malice EP from 2010. The two play the role of lumberjacks in this bright and colorful video, and Cudi holds down the hook with his signature chronic crooning. Don’t worry fellas, no matter how stoned we get, we won’t forget that tree. Ever.

4. Snoop Dogg f/ Willie Nelson “My Medicine”

You’re a fool for this one, Snoop. Doing a song with the most famous weed smoker in the world, Willie Nelson? Man, only an OG like S-N-O-O-P could get Willie to do a track with him. And Snoop flips it on the hoedown tip, too. Can we expect a country album next, Snoop?

5. Snoop Dogg f/ Wiz Khalifa “This Weed Iz Mine”

Off Snoop’s last solo rap LP Doggumentary, Snoop and Wiz link up for another weed-infested collaboration, and Snoop’s not sharing on this one, as he proclaims, “This weed is mine get your own bag.” Damn Snoop, it’s like that?

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Posted On March 27, 2013