Five “Harlem Shake” Videos for Stoners

By Sparky Grizzwax

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Baauer’s dance hit “Harlem Shake” hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts for the second consecutive week, thanks in part to the ridiculous amount of YouTube viral videos made using the song. We’ve seen all varieties of them, whether they were filmed in a work space, or in a gym locker room, and more are being published by the day.

So here at Dr. Greenleaf, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight my five favorite “Harlem Shake” videos made by stoners. You know weed smokers have plenty of time on their hands to come up with ideas for viral videos. And what could be more fun to do when you’re high out of your mind then bug out on camera to the infectious rhythm of Baauer’s smash? Nothing. So pack a fat bowl, load up the bong, roll a joint, or do whatever you gotta do, and peep these five awesome “Harlem Shake” videos for stoners.

1. Teddy Bear

Our first video comes in straight from Asbury Park, New Jersey, a beach town on the shore where there is nothing else to do in the winter but get baked in the crib and maybe go to the mall to grab a pretzel and catch a movie. This video is pretty bugged out. Is that Ted on the far left hitting the five footer? And look out for the dude in the horse mask on the right. Nicely done, boys.

2. The Harlem Baked

“Why Harlem Shake? When you can Harlem bake!” Haha, this is awesome. It’s just one dude, rocking a gold marijuana leaf pendent around his neck, hitting the pipe dumb hard until, well, you’ll see. What kind of strains you got in there, man?

3. Black Stoner

This guy is great. See, with these videos, it’s all about the switch when the beat drops. And he nailed it here. As the beat builds, we see him casually rolling up a J, then, BAM. Money has a cone on his head, shirtless, smoking away. You gotta love his description of the video too. He writes, “If the internet had a physical hole… I’d probably stick my d*ck in it. Don’t judge me. I Love you.” Haha, yes!

4. Harlem Bong

It’s a bong party, and everyone’s invited. But not until the beat drops! Those little doggys are definitely feeling some second hand effects. Good times!

5. Pot Crop

I saved the trippiest for last. This one’s got some visual effects! And plenty of pot plants. Kept it for the end of the post so you were nice and stoned. The beat gets slowed down a bit, and when it switches up, some crazy, trippy stuff starts popping up. Are those faces on the buds? Is homie an alien? What’s up with his hands? This is bugged out.

Hope you enjoyed our “Harlem Shake” stoner adventure. Pretty fun stuff. You gotta hand it to these potheads. They know how to capitalize on a trend and make a fun YouTube video. Check out the rest of our site when you get a chance. Lots more stoner-friendly posts below. Peace and love.

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Posted On February 28, 2013