Do The Twist: Five Videos of Rappers Rolling Up Weed

By Sparky Grizzwax

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Back in 1992, before YouTube was a part of our daily lives, Redman recorded “How to Roll a Blunt,” a rap tutorial on how to twist up the perfect L. It was a clever concept for a song, and came during the wave when blunts were the preferred method of smoking for hip-hop heads. Two decades later, rappers can now share their rolling techniques via video. Some still prefer blunts, but others have moved on to different types of papers. Check out these five entertaining and informative videos of rappers rolling up weed.

1. Redman

As I mentioned above, Reggie Noble first taught us how to roll a blunt on his debut album, but a couple years ago, Blunt Wraps filmed him before one of his shows overseas, so now we have an updated tutorial with visuals. He explains in the video why he doesn’t share blunts with people any more, how he wants his ball sack to look like a clear bag of weed when he dies, and of course, teaches us how to roll up the Redman way. Needless to say, this is very fun segment.

2. Wiz Khalifa

Wiz is one of the newer weed rappers on the scene, and he prefers joints. In this clip, Wiz uses his own customized, king size papers, to show us how he likes to roll, while sitting in a jacuzzi. How luxurious. Wiz encourages using a grinder, saying, “Using your hands, nobody does that anymore. That’s the f*cking stone age.” He also shows how to twist a bow at the end of your joint so your ingredients don’t fall out, and how to insert a filter at the end. Nicely done, Wiz.

3. Juelz Santana

DipSet rapper Juelz Santana made his own rolling video in response to Wiz’s, saying, “Shout out to Wiz, I f*ck with homie. But you ain’t gonna be doing all these reefer blogs like you smoking more reefer than everyone in the world.” Juelz then proceeds to roll blunt after blunt, using a rolling machine and other methods, while listening to Wiz’s music in the background. That’s love. He also shows how he has graduated from rolling “big doofy” blunts, teaching us how to take handful of pre-rolled blunts and wrap them in one paper to form a huge, super blunt. “Kaboom.” Yup, Juelz definitely is a serious smoker, and he proves it in the vlog above. By the way, what are you wearing on your head, Juelz?

4. B-Real

Cypress Hill is one of the most beloved weed-smoking rap groups of all-time, famous for songs like “Hits from the Bong,” “I Wanna Get High,” and “Spark Another Owl.” In this clip, which is one of many weed-rolling videos their lead vocalist B-Real has filmed over the years, B shows us how to roll up “The Giggle Stick,” which is weed rolled inside a flat piece of “very delicate hash.” This is next level. Watch and learn.

5. 2Pac

Yes, Pac was a weedhead, and he loved to smoke blunts. And this classic footage shows him outside on the bleachers somewhere, rolling one up. Nothing fancy, he just shows you how to get the job done, nice and quickly. And his message to the people? “If I see y’all smoking that white sh*t I’ma be hot. Smoke brown.” RIP.

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