Buying Marijuana in Colorado

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Since the passing of Amendment 64 in Colorado, much of the country is wondering what the legal and regulatory framework will look like, and when they’ll be able to stop in on CO to enjoy some green goodness.

The answer is: not yet. Not yet legally anyway. Dispensaries in Colorado are not selling to the general public yet and will continue this until the rule making session has convened and the laws governing the industry are re-established. In Colorado, where there exists a strict regulatory framework that requires dispenaries to be vertically integrated with their growing operation, dispensaries have too much to loose by in any way violating the law. Accordingly, they are extra careful with their dissemination of product until the law has provided a clear framework for them to follow. A responsible dispensary owner in CO will not sell to someone from out of state, for instance, until the new laws have been drafted and enacted.

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