A Video History of Action Bronson and His Trusty G Pen

By Sparky Grizzwax

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On Justin Timberlake’s new single “Suit & Tie,” Jay-Z raps, “No papers/Catch vapors.” Give that verse a couple weeks or so to be properly decoded, and guaranteed there will be a large bandwagon of weed smokers dropping their Dutches in exchange for a vaporizer. But while Hov certainly deserves credit for being the first rapper with his own sneaker deal, let’s not forget who will go down in history as the first rapper with his own personal vaporizer deal: Action Bronson.

Yes, it’s true. Action Bronson has his very own customized G Pen personal vaporizer, with his bearded face sketched into it, on sale now, courtesy of Grenco Science. And it’s clear that he’s setting a trend, as they recently added a second customized G Pen to their artist series with The Game. So before the vapor wave gets out of control after Hov’s shout-out, let’s take a look back at Action Bronson’s trend-setting love affair with his trusty G Pen.

The first time we saw Action Bronson publicly hitting a G Pen, well actually two, was in this NOISEY “Back and Forth” video featuring him and The Alchemist sitting on Venice Beach. Midway through, Alchemist inquires about what he’s holding in his hands, and Bronson responds, “I got this because it’s the first purchase I made with rap money.” He continues, “This isn’t show and tell,” before finally admitting, “It’s drugs. It’s a G Pen, man. Some new sh*t. It’s innovation. I’m all about progression, man. I only deal with innovation, and elegance and sh*t. Like, I don’t give a f*ck. I have three d*cks.” (Watch 1:35 in)

Shortly after, Bronson appeared on Snoop Dogg’s talk show GGN, and admitted that the G Pen, and the wax he’s been smoking out of it, has been ruining his life. In fact, he paused on hitting it, and opted for a joint instead during the interview, though still displaying it on the table for the camera.

He admits towards the end of the clip to Snoop, “Yo, I’ve been smoking wax all day, man. While I was waiting over here, I’ve been hitting this pen. Like, why? Why’d they make this?” He continues, “I hit it in the restaurant,” which is followed by hearty laughs from those behind the scenes on the set. And Snoop responds, calling it “the trippy stick,” and shares a story about how his cousin hit it on the airplane under a blanket. Hahahahahaha. (Watch 8:30 in)

But Bronson didn’t give up on the G Pen. In fact, he went even harder on it, and collaborated with Grenco Science to release his very own customized G Pen, which is now on sale on the Grenco Science website, and his personal website, too. And they sponsored his tour appearance with Cypress Hill, as you can see by the huge banner backing Bam Bam on stage in the clip above of him performing in San Francisco. He holds the pen while he’s performing, and between songs, he can be seen taking pulls off it. At this point, it was all second nature. (Watch 1:15 in)

And not only did he promote the product on stage, but he pushed it via his Twitter account, which he makes use of heavily (see tweet above), and continued to bring it with him as he toured and did interviews overseas.

While he was out in London recently, Bronson stopped off to see legendary hip-hop DJ/personality Tim Westwood for an interview and rap session. And in what is one of the funniest rapper/interviewer moments in the history of hip-hop music and marijuana, Tim Westwood takes a monster hit off Bronson’s G Pen during their conversation.

Here’s how it went down. Westwood asks about 2/3rd’s of the way through the interview, “Have you found your wax hook-up in London?” And Bronson responds, “No, I need wax. I’m in dire straits.” He then explains that he needs the wax for his “custom G Pen with my face on it,” and pulls it out of his hooded sweatshirt to show Westwood.

Then, Bronson opens up the pen and shows Westwood the wax, which he describes as “gooey sh*t,” to which Westwood responds by saying, “Can I, partake in some wax?” Then Westwood, in O.G. form, takes a humungous pull off the pen, and almost falls over while he’s coughing. And of course, Bronson follows with his own monster rip and coughing fit. So funny. So real. So amazing. And then they continue the interview! (Watch 11:50 in)

Westwood wasn’t the only person to ask Bam Bam about his G Pen overseas. During this interview with 16Bars.TV, the topic also comes up, and he admits, “I smoke it on the plane, I smoke it in front of police, I smoke it in front of my mother.” Then, he tells an unbelievable story about having his bag searched, them finding the pen, and testing the wax, and the test coming back negative. Good to know, wax smokers, but don’t get too reckless with that information. (Watch 2:25 in)

And for our final clip in the video history of Action Bronson and his trusty G Pen, Bam Bam takes time out from his touring schedule to respond to YouTube comments on his brilliant video for “The Symbol.” He takes pulls off his pen in between his insanely witty remarks, calling one commenter “a little twerp worm,” and also revealing, “I’m black from belly button to my nipples.” It’s classic Bronsolino, and the video poetically ends with him taking a massive rip off his G Pen.

It’s safe to say that this is just the beginning of a life-long relationship between Bronson and his customized G Pen personal vaporizer. Stay tuned to Dr. Greenleaf to see what will happen next. And check out the rest of our site. We’re here to help you find your favorite products, strains, and locate your closest dispensary. It’s all at your fingertips on DrGreenleaf.com.

UPATE. This “day in the life” segment with Bronson in London was recently published, where you can see him hitting the G Pen in the back of a car, etc.

Also, check Bam Bam on the cover of the UK’s upcoming issue of Wordplay Magazine hitting his pen, and sporting it in their interview with him.


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